Drama & Dance in the Canadian Classroom

Drama & Dance in the Canadian Classroom


Drama & Dance in the Canadian Classroom is a collection of drama and dance structures, designed to incorporate the arts into your program and to help you feel comfortable and empowered when it comes to teaching drama and dance.  

Drama & Dance in the Canadian Classroom has six fully developed artistic structures (unit plans) that will engage and inspire your students. They will assist you in meeting your curriculum expectations in fun and meaningful ways. It also contains visuals for the Elements of both Drama and Dance which can be used in the classroom and throughout the lessons. It has 20 introductory activities for both subject areas that can be used as warm-ups, community builders, or energizers. 

Each structure includes the following:

  • step-by-step lesson plans
  • a variety of engaging and meaningful activities for your students
  • teacher hints for questioning and furthering exploration
  • suggestions for extensions and cross-curricular connections
  • assessment and evaluation tools

Many educators feel intimidated with the prospect of teaching drama and dance.  Do not despair!  Elementary drama and dance do not require teachers to have any theatre experience. The fluidity, flexibility, and open-ended nature of exploratory drama and dance are what empowers every teacher to become a master!

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