"As a teacher of a split grade 5/6 class, I purchased the Canada & Beyond series for both grades to help me navigate my way through the revised provincial Social Studies curriculum. As teachers, we all know how busy we become through the year, juggling planning time, assessment, classroom management, and extra-curricular activities, not to mention our own personal lives. This program is a turn-key solution that will help any teacher deliver exciting, engaging, and interesting lessons for their students. The creativity of each lesson maintains the interests of the students and provides them with the necessary scaffolding to progress through the program. It is evident that this resource is written by teachers who are passionate about making learning interesting and engaging. I was especially impressed with the cross-curricular applications and the unique, creative lesson plans that appeal to all types of learners. My students have enjoyed writing and performing monologues, participating in an online scavenger hunt, and finding "mystery locations" using latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. I highly recommend this resource. It has made tackling the revised curriculum a manageable task and it gets two-thumbs up from the kids!"

Toronto DSB

“I am a combined grade 4/5 classroom teacher and I originally purchased the Grade 4, Political & Physical Regions of Canada book and the Grade 5, The Role of Government & Responsible Citizenship book to help me figure out a way to teach two simultaneous units to one class. I was overwhelmed with teaching a split class and I bought these guides simply to make my life easier. Not only did these guides make my combined class planning easier they have made the topics exciting for the students. Both of these guides have beautifully integrated other subject areas and have covered all of the big ideas that need to be taught. I love the extension activities and the ideas for differentiation that are offered for each and every lesson. I will absolutely be using these guides again even when I have a straight class! I have already purchased the other units for each of my grades. Thank you Learning Tree!"

Peel DSB